[ Article on yoga ] day

[ Article on yoga ] day

Yoga is a mathematical equation that combines our soul, mind & body.

Yoga is an all-rounder.
It will help you manage stress.

It will help you to become fit from fat.

Yoga the nuclear powerhouse of energy.

That connects you with the universe.

It connects you to the divine lord.

Yoga will provide you a superpower.

It purifies your body & soul.

Yoga comes from your inside.

It is not like other workouts.

It is completely different.

It improves your quality of life.

It decreases your risk-prone to diseases.

It increases your life span.

It helps you fight depression.

It adds a positive impression.

This yoga day adapts yoga in your life.

 Yoga will make you wise.

 Just wake up before sunrise.

  Yoga adds positivity to your attitude.

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By Shivam Mishra