[ Fathers day ] poem in English

[ Fathers day ] poem in English

We all are close to our parents.
We easily express 
our love to our mother
 but sometimes 
we fail to express our
 feelings to father.
Dad, Daddy, Father, 
Papa, different words
 with the same emotion & meaning.

The one without whom
 we were not possible.
Father that keeps on 
working hard to keep 
our dreams alive.
Who dives in sweat 
so that his offspring eyes 
never becomes wet.

The man who never
tells no to his offspring.
The man with a golden heart.
The bank which is always ready to sanction the loan 
applied doesn't matter
 what is the balance.

The one who forgets his
 personal life for his children's lives.
The man who wears sleepers 
but gives branded shoes to his son.

The man with a billionaire heart.
Sometimes he scolds us 
so that we will never 
follow the wrong path.
Father the teacher of our life.
He himself is a institution.

The one who teaches us 
important lessons of life.
He told us not to play 
with the knife.
God gifted encyclopedia 
of our life.

The real superhero.
With natural powers to
 prove that super.
King of our life.

Happy Father's Day.

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By Shivam Mishra


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