[शुभ रात्रि कविताएँ] उसके लिए [Good night poems] for her

[शुभ रात्रि कविताएँ] उसके लिए  [Good night poems] for her

The beauty of night is 
it provides you peace & silence.
It gives you time to relax.
It provides you your space you need.
Darkness provides you atmosphere for romance.

It makes easy for you to cry your heart out.
It helps you to dream.
Night helps you to admire the beauty of moon.
It gives you relief so soon.

It is the time to go to sleep.
Which will boost up your energy.
It will give rest to your body.
The time when you can enjoy moonlight.

You can enjoy full moon day & moonless night.
Plants also take rest at night.
Night is dark but it is so beautiful.
Just we need to learn how to enjoy it.

Moon looks beautiful
 because it is in the night sky.
It provides us the energy to fly high.
We are tired we take 
rest than we give our best.

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By Shivam Mishra


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