Christmas Wishes, Christmas poem

Christmas Wishes, Christmas poem, Candle Image, Christmas Image, Christmas
Candle Image, Christmas Wishes Image,  Christmas Image

  Hi how are you my friend.
  What is your today's plan.
  Are you ready for Christmas.
  May this Christmas brings lots of positivity.
 God bless you my friend.
  Merry Christmas.

Good morning you haven't wake-up till now.
It's to late still you are sleeping.
Wake up get ready it's Christmas.
We will have a blast together.
We have fun we will gather happiness.
Merry Christmas.

Happy birthday Jesus.
I know you are not my friend.
But i treat you as my friend.
You are My best friend.
Don't forget to give party brother.
Happy birthday christ.
Merry Christmas.

By Shivam Kumar Mishra


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