Face Poem, Aspire Poem, english poem, face quotes, aspire staus

Aspire poem.

It is necessary to aspire.

Just like respire.

It provides direction to your life.

Aspire is a feeling.

Just like heeling.

Of you can aspire

YOU can achieve.

Aspire is the most important

Part of our life.

Full of enthusiasm.

Face poem

Word not face.

Face is just a case

Word is the base.

Face is beautiful today

One day it will be not their.

But beautiful word will

Be always their.

Words difine your life.

Face is the decorative part of our life.

Word is the  soul of life.

Face Poem, Aspire Poem, English Poem, Face quotes, Aspire Status
English Poem, aspire poem

By Shivam Kumar Mishra