New Year Wishes, Happy New Year Poem

New Year Wishes, Happy New Year Poem, New Year Quotes, new year Image, bye bye passing year, Welcome coming year
New Year Image, wishes Image

  Are you ready for this year.

  Say goodbye to passing one.

  Welcome this year with enthusiasm.

  2021 is a complete surprise package now.

  It is totally a secret now.

  It has lots of things to tell.

  It has so many memories to sell.

  It's time to celebrate 2020 is passing.

  New journey is waiting for us.

  You have to be prepared.

  Learn how to tackle problems.

  To conquer the reality.

  It's time for a birthday bash.

  New year comes with a blessing.

  Lots of hustle & rustle.

 Happy New Year.

By Shivam Kumar Mishra


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